Work out with a Physiotherapist

Work out with a Physiotherapist

We certainly offer something unique at Pro Fitness!

Our team of Physiotherapists at Progress have spent years studying how the human body is designed to move and how to make it move better when it’s not!

Our Physiotherapists work closely with their patients who are working at returning to pre- injury condition. Rehabilitation is what we do best so if injury has been holding you back from exercising, rest assured there is a safe solution for you!

We will assess your condition, design a gym program and show you your specific exercises to get you moving well and back to good health.

Not Injured? Just want a safe effective program? No problem! Everyday people just like you and I can also opt to do 1:1 sessions with a physiotherapist on the gym.

Check with your private health fund but these 1:1 appointments are usually claimable.

Call now to book your 60 min, 1:1 appointment in the gym with your Physiotherapist.

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