Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions

Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions

Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions is a unique conditioning program designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance and core stability.

Will the Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions help my back pain?

At Progress Physio we use exercise and movement to help manage and treat back pain as a means of long-term management of chronic pain. Research has shown that by improving your motor control, back pain can be significantly decreased.

Can these classes be used for Injury Rehabilitation?

  • These sessions are ideal to help recover from injury by,
  • Strengthening lower limb weakness following injury or surgery
  • Strengthening shoulder and upper body strength following injury or surgery
  • Strengthening trunk and core muscles following injury or surgery

Can you participate while you are pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women benefit from strengthening the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles which is vital both during and after pregnancy.

Low-impact, guided exercises are a safe and beneficial way to stay fit and healthy during and after pregnancy.

It is also ideal for those women who have a history of back and neck pain, as pregnancy can often flare up these conditions.

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions?

  • Improved posture and flexibility
  • Better trunk stabilisation
  • Greater resistance to injury
  • Rehabilitation and injury management
  • Management of low back pain
  • Overall body strength and toning
  • Improved breathing control
  • Improved Pelvic Floor strength
  • Safe effective preparation for the demands of pregnancy and childbirth

What should I expect from Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions?

Clients learn and follow their individualised programs under close supervision by a physiotherapist.  This ensures that posture and control of trunk stability is practiced effectively while simultaneously working other parts of the body.

At the initial appointment a Real-Time Ultrasound assessment may be used to assess and train pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles.  After this, a specific program will be individually tailored to your needs.

You may use a variety of equipment including pilates tables, exercise balls, therabands, dumbbells and other functional equipment.

You will begin with simple movements and gradually progress to more advanced and challenging exercises.  Individual progress in these sessions is non-competitive and is totally dependent on one’s capabilities and goals.

Whatever your age or level of fitness, Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions program will be individualised to suit your needs.

*Rebates on private health may be available